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Microsoft Dynamics solutions include applications and services for retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and service companies, doing business domestically or in multiple countries. With these tools in hand, people in every key position in your organization can contribute to the success of your company. Microsoft Dynamics enhances all lines of business in your organization and delivers exceptional benefits in three critical areas:

Financial management: Microsoft Dynamics solutions help you maintain control of your finances and manage them with a high level of efficiency. You can make complete, current financial information and reports available to anybody who needs it to perform business planning. Simplify and automate routine and repetitious functions, so your employees can focus on more critical tasks. Use Microsoft Dynamics to create the required financial and other reporting needed to realize flawless regulatory compliance.
Customer relationship management (CRM): Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other customer relationship management tools help you maintain close contact with your customers and prospects, and manage sales and marketing initiatives and track their results. Microsoft Dynamics can also assist you in identifying emerging customer needs early and respond to them before the competitors do.
Microsoft Dynamics is designed with your people and business in mind.

With years of input from people like you, Microsoft Dynamics has been designed to be familiar to your people, work well with your existing systems, empower people and teams to be productive, and promote informed decision-making. With effective support from Microsoft and the worldwide partner community, you can implement Microsoft Dynamics today and let it grow with you into the future.

Familiar to your people

Microsoft Dynamics looks and works like widely-used Microsoft software products. For example, Microsoft Dynamics presents a highly-intuitive, graphical user interface that is consistent with Microsoft Office software. That means your people and teams can become comfortable with Microsoft Dynamics solutions quickly and make the most of their current skills. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics reflects the actual business roles your employees play, so they can recognize themselves in the functionality of the solutions. More

Works with your systems

Microsoft Dynamics solutions work closely with the Microsoft software systems you may already use, allowing you to generate more value from your investment in technology.

image002.jpgFor example, information flows between Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office to accelerate business analysis and reporting. Workers can automatically populate documents with up-to-date data, and provide people with information they need for top performance. 
And, the Microsoft SQL Server database and business analytics applications integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, so you can make use of SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Analytical Services to get to the meaning of the information in your business. 
As part of the Microsoft family of offerings, these solutions are ready to work with widely-used productivity applications, such as the Microsoft Office system, and leading technologies, including Microsoft servers and Microsoft .NET. Data entered in one place is shared across your company—speeding operations, reducing errors, and providing accurate information to those who need it. You can securely extend efficient processes to your entire business community, helping you maximize efficiency. 
Fuels business productivity
With a flexible, holistic approach to managing a business, Microsoft Dynamics connects the people, processes, and information in your organization for best productivity. You can automate many routine and repeating functions in financial management, inventory control, and other areas, so people can focus more on value-added tasks. Collaborative capabilities help you eliminate needless barriers and allow your employees, partners, vendors, and customers to engage on behalf of shared goals. Microsoft Dynamics provides all these stakeholders with the right access to information and business functionality. 
Enables confident decision-making
Microsoft Dynamics enables smart, reliable, strategic and tactical decision-making at all levels of your organization. Executives can always be in touch with key metrics of the business. Line-of-business directors can have the information and tools they need to manage and plan effectively within their area of responsibility. And workers in any position, from accounts payable to inventory, to customer field service, will always be able to review critical information and take the best course of action to serve your business and its customers. 
Extensive reporting and analytical tools within both Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SQL Server empower your business with the intelligence to grow and compete successfully. Those same reporting tools also make it possible to document and demonstrate regulatory and standards compliance with great efficiency. Learn more on how Microsoft Dynamics helps people make timely, informed decisions.

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